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Glamour Photography Comeback

November 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Glamour photography has been there for a long time and it had its downfall. But now Glamour Photography is making a serious comeback, as women strive to define who they are in this ever-changing world. Women (and men) are searching their lives for things that define them and make them feel comfortable in their own skin. With so many beauty magazines and articles circulating the globe it is no wonder that women often find themselves feeling somewhat ordinary…. and women are anything but ordinary!

Now, when I say that glamour is back, I'm not talking about those images, from the 80's. No longer does glamour mean big hair, heavy makeup, stilettos, leather jackets and feather boas. Sure, those things are still out there, but that is not what many of us consider to be glamour in this day and age. Glamour has evolved into something truly spectacular. Gone is the over-the-top makeover and here is something that will take your breath away. Glamour, today, is about showcasing your true beauty. It's about finding your beautiful! About seeking out your inner Goddess and sharing her with you. It's all about allowing yourself to see YOU as you truly are: beautiful!

Meet Shairy …. she is really a beautiful women from Sydney and she is a fantastic make and hair stylist. We met through one of the networking meetings in Sydney and had worked on a shoot before, where she was the makeup and hair stylist.

When I spoke to Shairy about the glamour portraits, she was really interested in doing it and experiencing it herself. She did her own makeup and hairs, as she is a fantastic artist. We decided on a location to shoo at and after a couple of hours of fun, and numerous outfit changes, we ended up with a collection of images that truly showcase her inner beauty and glamour.

To find your BEAUTIFUL and embrace your INNER BEAUTY contact Jagminder TODAY. Together, let's help BRING BEAUTY BACK!

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