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Elliot + Shae Lane Cove National Park Pre Wedding

October 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I met Elliot and Shae while they were living in Sydney and now they have moved to Kiama. They both are very adventurous and love doing skydiving. Their wedding is in November 2015 and it will be a great countryside wedding. Shae has organized a farm where they want to get married.

When I first met them Elliot was not quiet into photography but Shae is very focused and know what she wants to achieve from her wedding photography. So I advised to get a pre wedding session done so that Elliot can get comfortable in front of the camera. So we decided on a date and location for the pre wedding session. Shae wanted to do this in woods with more of nature as backdrop. So we decided to go to Lane Cove National Park.

When they both arrived at Lane Cove National Park, Elliot was very nervous and he told me that he does not know what to do. So I asked him to just relax and have a seat while I do some individual portraits with Shae. And just after 5 mins he said to me that he is very much comfortable now and would be fine for the shoot. So we got started with individual portraits of Elliot and then couple together. I was really amazed to see how comfortable Elliot was in front of the camera. They both were just amazing and very natural throughout the session.

We all had a great fun time together. And this session gave me the chance to know Elliot and Shae even better. Even they both got very comfortable with each other in front of the camera. 

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